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Classic expressive realism has the advantage of portraying reality that is translated by the artist’s “eye” – (seeing reality and painting what is seen) –  in interesting ways.  Carravaggio, Van Gogh and Turner are my teachers. My style of painting does not include minute details but I strive to express my impression.  I  don’t try to broadcast a story.  My eyes see the reality, a Spirit translates, and my hands do the work.  Worst thing for me to do is interfere paintinglanscape-patrick-trainiwith this translation, because I believe God put a talent to work in everyone and I must do as  He intends.
Artwork took a back seat while raising 3 sons and following a career in mechanical design engineering and yet I painted in oil or pastels when I could.  My earliest Pastel is dated 1968. 

This website aims to provide you with a superior visual experience;  paintings, stories, a blog or two, a teaching video, but above all an experience for you!  However only a few of the 70 or so paintings i have completed are shown right now.  I am slowly working on improving these pages.

To ask questions to the artist, discover more or inquire about our location, next paintings, next attendance in shows or galleries, please feel free to send me an email at ptraini@prodigy.net for immediate reply or post a comment on this page.

For example look at my paiRememberances of a Veteran; oil on canvas; 30 x 48; 10-2012nting of Steven Moore (O5), an Army veteran (Dusters 1/44) who commanded an Army Armor unit in Viet Nam.  (Oil on canvas, 32 x 42, 2008).  Steve has written a book recounting his memories and help heal other veterans with PTSD.  He is leading by example and I am proud to be called by him a “brother.”  Notice how he comforted a fallen hero’s parents –  a personal visit not a piece of paper…  a Duster (tank carrying heavy guns) in the background, and in foreground he is checking the dog-tags of a brother before zipping the bag to send him home.

If you know of anyone who is a Veteran suffering from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome or other injuries please contact http://www.ndqsa.com  or WoundedBrother.com

You are NOT ALONE!!

Classic realism with a storyline